Certificate in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Certificate in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Course Contents :

The general topics covered in the two semesters are given below -

Semester 1

Introduction: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Safety
Fitting & Welding
Electricals & Electronics
Primary & secondary refrigerants
Thermal insulation
Gas Charging, Testing & Faults Diagnosis
Commercial RAC plants & Car air-conditioners 02
Industrial Visit
Project Works
Semester 2

Observation, Analysis of Carnot cycle
Non-Conventional Refrigeration system.
Electronic Controls, Transistors
Commercial Compressor & Capacity Control
Cooling Tower
Water Softening Plants, Chillers
Refrigerant controls
Food Preservation, Refrigerants, Lubrication
Erection of plants, Ducts, HVAC, VAV system
Psychrometry, Heat load estimation,
Commissioning & preventive maintenance of different plants

Course Length :

1 Year

Course Fee :