Certificate in Plumber

Certificate in Plumber

Course Contents :

Introduction of basic plumber work
 Knowledge of existing plumbing
system and site management
 Knowledge of basic building
 Operations/procedures on wall and
 Preparation of mortar
 Installations of fixtures
 Operations/procedures on
bathwares and tapwares
 Testing methods
 Guidelines for quality in work,
control of wastage and damage
 Various pipes and fittings & fixtures
 Use of power tools and machines at
 Material storing, stacking and
 Units and measurements
 Estimation and costing Repairing of various types of Fittings
and fixtures
 Identify the cause /Fault
 Establish a sequence of repair
 Decommission
 Locate the component to be replaced
/ repaired
 Cut defective structure
 Measure correctly
 Replace/repaired the faulty piece
 Test
 Commissioning

Course Length :

1 Year

Course Fee :