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Best Handwriting Improvement Course at silchar, Assam, Cursive Handwriting

Handwriting Improvement Class at Silchar.png

Are you:

  • high school students looking to improve grades

  • SAT test takers

  • Medical professionals wanting clearer communication

  • professionals using white boards or flip charts

  • workers using handwritten communications – forms

  • teachers

  • homeschoolers

  • anyone that wants more legible handwriting

   Then this course is for you!


Improvement Course

Course Structure

Good HANDWRITING Means Good Impression ...

Do you want to appear more professional?

Receive higher grades? Be more efficient?  You will improve your life by improving your handwriting.  Even people with difficult to read handwriting have seen significant improvement with this method.

This course easily and guides you through the 12 Keys of fluid, automatic and legible handwriting.  Each Key is accompanied by specially design practice pages so you can quickly see improvement.  You will learn how to incorporate your new skills into your everyday life.

There are bonus lectures on pencil grip, handwriting styles and tips for left handers.  Recommendations for continued practice and resources for supplies are also included.

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