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Stenography Course At Silchar


One Year Govt. Recognised  Course

Stenography, in short, is a system for rapid writing using different symbols or abbreviations for letters, words, or phrases. Stenography includes skills in Shorthand, Transcription and Typewriting. Steno enables stenographers to write as quickly as people speak.

A diploma in Stenography is a unique course designed to train students in the field of copywriting, typing, transcribing, compiling, and organization of documents in a corporate and non-corporate entity. Stenography means shorthand writing which directly means writing or typing articles at a much faster pace than regular writers and typists.


What does a Stenographer do?

The below points should suffice the basic job description of a Stenographer:

  • Stenographers help in publishing different government documents and reports on a quarterly or yearly basis

  • He or she copywrites and proof checks different documents in the organization

  • Confidential minutes of the meeting are taken down by a shorthand writer and republished to the relevant participants of the meeting

  • He or she always is responsible to transcribe vocal words into the written format

  • Stenographers also help is captioning speeches or live events for a different target audience such as the deaf or the elderly

  • They track and maintain confidentiality documents within and outside an organization.

The course covers all the principles of PITMAN’s phonetic system. This skill is being included in the curriculum as many students have the aptitude towards this particular area. Besides, its knowledge provides early employment opportunities.


Course Code - B010

Course Duration - 1 Year

Minimum Qualification 10+

80 W.P.M is not only the terget of this course but more than this speed.

Get well experienced Trainer to

build up your abilities.

Eligibility Criteria for a Diploma in Stenography

  • The student should have a pass certificate from their 10th or 12th standard

  • Should be able to provide the identity of proof

  • Should have cleared the required cut off marks in the entrance tests, set by the Institute that a student is applying for.

  • Personality tests & group discussion rounds set by the Institute, students will have to clear the same and score the required marks to get admission to the Institute for the course.

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