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Best Mobile Repairing Course at Silchar, Assam

Courses - 

Mobile Repair Technician

Duration - 3 Months

EMAX India Recognised Certification

Mobile repair course provides complete mobile  hardware training at Silchar. The Mobile Repairing course is designed to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge in the field of mobile technology. This course highlights the components, troubleshooting of mobile hardware, generations of mobile phones, blinking, downloading apps, use of codes, etc. Both mobile issue detection and mobile hardware repairing are covered in mobile repairing courses. Students will gain hands-on experience with our mobile repairing course. Circuit Diagrams are provided to students for all latest Mobile Phones.


    • Explain and outline the growth and opportunities in the Indian telecom Industry

    • Explain and outline the role of a Handset Repair

    • List and outline the changes in the technology of a cell phone over the years.

    • Explain and outline how a mobile phone work over a network

    • Explain what goes on inside the handset during mobile communication

    • List and explain common features and Uses of mobile phone

    • List and explain some popular mobile phone platforms

    • Identify and classify various electronic components that are used in mobile handsets

    • Identify and make use of common mobile handsets repair tools

    • Disassemble a mobile phone using the common hardware repair tools

  • Identify and troubleshoot common handset problems

  • Understand and follow standard safety

  • precautions while repairing a handset

  • Outline and explain the role of firmware in a mobile handset

  • Recall and demonstrate steps to install a new firmware

  • Identify and troubleshoot common software related issues in phones

  • Create back up data from the handset

  • Understand and follow common safety precautions to be undertaken while repairing a handset

  • Outline and explain a tablet and compare it with a traditional computer

  • Demonstrate effective listening skills in your day-to-day life

  • management techniques and their benefits

  • Identify and time-wasters from your daily schedule

Benefits of Certification:

  • Government Authorized Assessment Agency Certification.

  • Certificate Valid for Lifetime.

  • Lifetime Verification of Certificate.

  • Free Job Assistance as per your Interest Area.

Courses - 

Mobile Repair Technician

Duration - 3 Months

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