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Music & Instrumental Courses| Acoustic Guitar Classes  at Silchar


Course Code - B034

Duration - 6 Months

PLAY Confidently

Acoustic Guitar

Foundation Course

   Module I


• Beginners At this level we start with the acoustic guitar

• Teaching way of holding the guitar

•  knowledge of Notes on the fretboard

•  Self Tuning your guitar

• Open chords (major and minor)

• Strum simple rhythm patterns and well known songs

• Effectively switch from chord to chord

• Major and minor Scales

• Finger style.

Only in

6  (Six)


      Module II

  • Knowledge of Basic chords

  • Sence of Basic scales

  • To Maintain Basic harmony                             Module III

  • Learn the MOST POPULAR rhythm for Guitar

  • Impress your friends and family with your Flying Fingers

  • Learn the MOST important strumming patterns with techniques...the CORRECT WAY


12 Months

Mega Lesson

Acoustic Guitar

Intermediate Course

Course Code - B035

Duration - 12 Months

   Module I


Advanced guitarists must know how to play the following chords :

  • Major 7 Chords

  • Minor 7 Chords

  • Dominant 7 Chords

  Module II

1) Reading tablature. 
2) Mastering the guitar techniques on solo play, arpeggios, tremolo & many more.
3) Accompanying yourself with the guitar and learning      chords and percussion techniques.

4) Guitar styles like as pop, blues, rock,       

    finger- picking, classical and flamenco.
5) Playing on existing and known guitar songs  with chords and solo playing.
6) Building up music sence.

7) Improvising all major factors.
8) Learning music sheet (Optional)

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